Ruby Slippers

Ready to ditch the ruby slippers? Check out Tawanna's plenary at the convening.

There’s a lot of discussion and goal-setting around diversity and inclusion happening these days. Although positive, this talk frequently falls short when it comes to actuating those good intentions.

Unsure of where to begin, it seems that many of us feel stuck, clicking our heels together chanting, “There’s no place like diversity,” hoping well-intentioned mantras, if repeated enough, will transform the systems that we work within.

Sadly there are no ruby slippers, and no yellow brick road marking the path to the inclusive future that we’re working towards. The path that we are on must be laid by hand, brick by brick, and that process happens when those who have had real success in creating diverse and inclusive organizations share what they have learned so that we may listen, learn and follow.

If you’re a traveler on this path, I’d like to invite you to the plenary session I’ll be conducting on Friday, October 29 at the MCF Annual Convening entitled “Leveraging Diversity and Inclusion as Assets for Innovation.” This multi-media session will include insights from local and national leaders who are actively leveraging diversity and inclusion to create a more fulfilling and productive culture within their organization, and ultimately better grantmaking outcomes for their communities.

For a sample of what you will hear and discuss during the presentation, watch this video featuring Dr. Risa Lavizzo-Mourey of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  In it Lavizzo-Mourey shares how their commitment to diversity has started at the top with transforming their board.

After the presentation there will be opportunity for you to engage in lively discussion among your peers regarding the most promising practices for leveraging diversity and inclusion in philanthropy. Leave informed, inspired and equipped to unleash diversity and inclusion as organizational assets in your own foundation or corporate giving program.

Ready to lay the path to a more diverse tomorrow? Start by commenting on this post.

  • In what ways does your organization put the values of diversity and inclusion into action?
  • If you’re an organizational change-agent, how do you help your organization stay true to its commitment to diversity and inclusion?

- Tawanna Black, MCF diversity fellow and president of Innovations by Design, LLC

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